Send Hope Not Flowers has been supporting the incredible work of Dr Barry Kirby in Papua New Guinea since its inception. Send Hope supported Dr Kirby's small trial of Baby Bundles (Mother Incentive Gift) as an incentive to help more women have a safe birth in a health centre. As the trial was rolled out to more communities, and the response from the women of PNG was so positive, so public support for the initiative increased.

Send Hope Not Flowers is proud to have channelled funds for more than 4000 Baby Bundles directly to Dr Kirby. We hope to see Dr Kirby's work expanded across more regions.

100 per cent of all money pledged to Dr Kirby goes directly to him. Send Hope Not Flowers has no paid staff and covers its own administrative costs. Our team thinks Dr Kirby is, quite frankly, a legend. Read about his work on our media page and ensure he can continue saving lives by donating here.


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At this stage, donations made to Send Hope are NOT tax-deductible.