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Aussie Charity ‘Send Hope Not Flowers’ Saving Lives Of New Mums In Developing Countries


Obstetrician Dr Steve Robson was on a plane, reading TIME magazine, when his life — and the lives of many others — changed forever.

Robson had come across a photo essay about a woman in a developing country who had died in childbirth.

“The photos just showed they couldn’t stop the bleeding and she died,” Robson recalled to The Huffington Post Australia.

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Australian doctor’s initiative reduces PNG maternal deaths by 78 per cent


An Australian doctor’s program handing out ‘baby bundles’ to expectant mothers in a Papua New Guinean province has reduced its maternal death rate by 78 per cent, new research shows.

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Australian ‘baby bundles’ cut maternal deaths in PNG province by 78%


An Australian initiative distributing “baby bundles” to women in a Papua New Guinea province has lowered the maternal death rate by 78%, new peer-reviewed research has revealed.

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Canberra charity Send Hope not Flowers saving the lives of mums in Papua New Guinea


Donations to a Canberra charity have helped turn Papua New Guinea’s shocking maternal death rate around. A new peer-reviewed medical study shows a simple and cost-effective initiative thought up by Australian doctor Barry Kirby and funded by local charity Send Hope Not Flowers is having “dramatic” impact in stopping mothers dying in childbirth.

Simple Australian idea saving women in childbirth


A simple and cost-effective health initiative thought up by an Australian doctor and funded by an Australian charity is having a massive impact on saving the lives of birthing mothers in Papua New Guinea.

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The birthing experience in Papua New Guinea.


Canberra photographer Karleen Minney visited Port Moresby General Hospital to see how the funding from Canberra based charity Send Hope Not Flowers is used to save the lives of mothers and their newborn babies.

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Sending hope not flowers to support Dr Barry Kirby’s life-saving PNG work


Barry Kirby’s harrowing stories of his quest to curb the number of mothers dying during childbirth in Papua New Guinea have prompted an outpouring of donations, with one woman pledging to bequeath her house to the cause after the doctor’s National Press Club address on Wednesday.

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Margie Abbott urged to help reduce deaths in childbirth in PNG


Margie Abbott should use her position as wife of the prime minister to take action against the shockingly high levels of death in childbirth among women in Australia’s neighbouring countries, a doctor has told the National Press Club.

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Dr Barry Kirby trades building for obstetrics to save PNG lives


Barry Kirby was a ‘chippy’ on sabbatical in Cairns when a small newspaper ad for a project manager in Papua New Guinea’s Menyamya village caught his eye.

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Former carpenter turned doctor highlights high maternal mortality rates in PNG


The number of women dying because of complications during pregnancy and childbirth across the world is down – in new figures released by the United Nations today.

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Send hope not flowers: Dr Barry Kirby


In the developing world, one in twenty women die in childbirth. Australian specialist, Barry Kirby is working to reduce maternal mortality in remote regions of Papua New Guinea.. It’s been a twenty year journey for Barry to transform himself from a carpenter to a doctor. He’s addressing the National Press Club today to highlight the largely preventable deaths in childbirth.

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Dr Barry Kirby


Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist Dr Barry Kirby addresses the National Press Club about the number of women around the world at risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth. Dr Kirby is working with the Australian charity Send Hope Not Flowers to address maternal mortality in Papua New Guinea.