Melissa Nielsen 16.8.81 – 10.6.20

Donation to mark the life of Melissa Nielsen
16.8.81 – 10.6.20

Tragically, we have lost our dear friend and maternal health campaigner Melissa Nielsen. She was a mum of three, a loving wife, a great friend to many and an invaluable member of the Miller Harris Lawyers team in Cairns. Melissa was one of Send Hope Not Flowers’ most hardworking fundraisers, and friends and family can choose to honour her memory by making a donation to our maternal health programs, so that another mother can enjoy a safe birth somewhere in the world.

We hope to use these donations to fund a meaningful tribute to Melissa in the coming months, in consultation with her family. She was so proud of the positive impact she made through Send Hope Not Flowers.

She will be missed deeply by so many.

Did you know that every two minutes, a woman dies
from complications in childbirth?

When a baby is born in Australia, there is a better way to celebrate than sending flowers. For the cost of a bunch of flowers, you can send one of our birth cards and help save the life of another mother.

Our website also allows you to buy a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or sympathy card, write a message and have it sent directly within a few clicks of a mouse.

Some people may choose to simply donate.

Because they believe, like we do, that mothers should not die while they labour to bring new life into the world.

Flowers die. Women giving birth shouldn’t.