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Christy Turlington-Burns
Founder of Every Mother Counts
“Send Hope Not Flowers inspires other people to get involved - to contribute what they have to end these senseless maternal deaths. Together we can make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms.”
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Sarah Wilson
Journalist / Author I Quit Sugar
“I’m a big supporter of charity initiatives that see us actively engaged in the process of giving. Send Hope Not Flowers invites us to directly help a community in need, and a community at our doorstep. But more than this, it’s about giving the gift of giving to a loved one. This enrols us all at a deeper level in this very important cause.

Additionally, SHNF cleverly attends to what I very much regard as a wasteful, carbon-heavy industry - the couriering of a perishable product around the countryside.”

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Lisa Messenger
CEO of The Messenger Group / Founder and Editor in Chief of Collective Hub magazine
“What Send Hope Not Flowers is doing for the mothers in need is so important.
It brought tears to my eyes to hear of the horrible statistics around childbirth mortality rates for mothers in the less fortunate countries. No mother should die bringing life into this world.

I hope people can see how important this organization truly is.”

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Karleen Minney
Chief of Photography and official Send Hope Not Flowers photographer
“Each life-altering time I have visited PNG , three things have hit me.
First, how different life is for our sisters in another land, second, how much difference a small donation can make to the health and safety of these mums and bubs, and third, how blissfully ignorant we are of both of these things. Help ing Send Hope Not Flowers raise awareness of the issues - and seeing what adifference it has made to the lives of mothers - has brought me joy and empowerment. Get on board!“
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Julie Kerr
Singer / Songwriter
“I am so passionate about maternal health after having my own children and believe that every woman has the right to a safe birth. Send Hope Not Flowers has arrested my attention with the way the program connects mothers here with mothers across the seas.

Not only that, improving maternal health with simple interventions such as birthing kits is one of the most effective ways to address women's empowerment and gender equality around the world.”

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Lorraine Murphy
Founder of The Remarkables Group, Entrepreneur
“As an expectant mum myself, it is so easy to take for granted the top-grade maternity care we have on tap here in Australia. I love the Send Hope Not Flowers concept, as it provides people with an easy - and beautiful! - means of helping women who are less fortunate than us when it comes to bringing babies into the world safely.“